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Philippine Medical Scholarship Program is now open!

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and the Department of Health (DOH) offers the Pinoy MD scholarship for those aspiring to become doctors.


1. Tuition Fees
2. Miscellaneous/Laboratory Fees
3. Living Subsidy
4. Lodging Allowance
5. Daily Transportation Allowance
6. Book and Uniform Allowance

List of accredited schools and requirements are listed here.


1. Must have an NMAT percentile score of 40 and
2. Must have at least two (2) character references.
3. Must be physically and mentally fit.
Priority will be given to:
1. Applicants who have a combined Gross Family
Income of Php 50,000/month or Php
600,000/annum or lower.
2. Applicants who are part of, or are children of
Barangay Health Workers, government
employees or Indigenous People (IP).


1. Must render two (2) years of service to the
government for every year of study/scholarship.


Interested parties may contact their preferred Medical
Schools (see Pinoy MD Medical Schools Information
Directory) for further inquiries on eligibility, documentary
requirements and application processes.
National Medical Admissions Test (NMAT):

Applicants who have not yet taken the NMAT are advised
to coordinate with the Center for Educational
Measurement, Inc. for NMAT schedules:

Contact Nos: CEM NMAT Secretariat
(02) 813-3686 / 813-3691 to 95
loc. 106

For further inquiries, you may contact Mrs. Amy David or Mr. Erick Villaflor at our
Pinoy MD Hotlines: (02)781-1723, (02)743-8301 loc 4204, 4203


  1. rachelle anne said...

    i am a highschool graduate student with pleasing personality which i assure you that i am deserving to avail your scholarship program...
    i want to take up elementary education major in english course at de la salle unuiversity- dasamrinas, cavite....
    my parents are seperated and both unemployed...
    my eleder brother are still studying in college. We are only residing with my uncle. My eldest brother is now a call center agent that his salary is not suitable for all of our expenses especially my educational expenses....
    please accept me...
    i'm begging you with all my heart.....
    it would be a big gratitude if you would accept me as your scholar...

    i'm hoping for your scholarship grant....

    god bless

  2. Charles said...

    Rachelle Anne

    Please do read the article again and this scholarship are only for those who finished their pre-med courses and already taken their NMAT.

    I don't think that you are qualified at all.

    Thanks for your comment and hope that this will help clear things up.

  3. Anonymous said...

    hi..i am an RN..a minimum wage earner at the moment..i've always had my dreams of becoming a doctor..and now that I'm working in the hospital, my eagerness to fulfill this dream has become stronger than ever..but i have no resources to make this dream come true.that's why i took BSN instead.was able to graduate in college because i attended a state sister scraped out every penny she had to send us to school.but now she has her own family and so does my other siblings.. A resident doctor told me about this scholarship. But I am worried that i might not get qualified for being an RN as it is. Please email me..i need a lot of a lot.. :-)

  4. Charles said...

    hi Yza,
    All I can advice to you is to try to take the NMAT and if you pass the exam it will be easier for you to be qualified for the scholarship program for Medical students. I am sure you will pass it with flying colors.

    Nursing is also a pre-med course so it will be easier for you to review and take the NMAT. And while working you can still review for the exam and after you pass you can apply for the scholarship.

    Get back to me or leave a comment if there are any ways that I can give my advice to you.

  5. Anonymous said...

    I really want to become a doctor. i am very inspired everytime I see doctors giving their orders, talking with their patients and mingling with the other health care members. by the way, I am a registered nurse, graduated from a university in ANgeles City, Pampanga. I graduated Cum Laude and was a consistent scholar and Dean's list. I studied so hard because I promised to myself that if there will be a chance like this or an opportuniy, I really want to pursue my dream to become a doctor but that wouldn't be easy for me because my family can't send me to a medical school due to financial constraints. My mom is a single-parent and the only one who worked hard for me to finish nursing. She is a government employee here in Angeles. I just searched yahoo about this scholarship and within me, I felt the eagerness to pursue my long-time dream. i hope someone could help me about it, Thank you and more power.

    by the way, I also searched about the NMAT but the test was done last April 5, 09. i just want to ask, if when will be the next date for NMAT?

    Rose (

  6. Charles said...

    Hi Rose!
    As far as I know NMAT is scheduled once a year, the next NMAT would then be April next year again.

    This will be a good news for you so you can review longer for the exam.

    Good Luck!!

  7. Charles said...

    I just met a medical student and asked for some information. There is a good news, MNAT exams are given twice a year one in December and the other is in April.

    Good Luck!

  8. Anonymous said...

    My daughter graduated BS Biology last April 2009 and would like to proceed to Medicine but unfortunately we could not afford to send her to the medicine school..Her NMAT is 72..Where or how can we possibly inquire about your scholarship program?

    Hope you can help us..

    God bless

  9. Charles said...

    The Numbers are posted on the article on how to avail of this program and the NMAT or national medical aptitude test if you want to take up the exam are also posted there. Kindly call them up for further information on how to be a scholar.

    Thanks a lot!
    and Good Luck to all!

  10. joy angeli said...


    I'm currently a 4th year BS Biology student. My parents are both employees of DPWH. I havent taken the NMAT yet, but planning to this December. I would like to know if this scholarship is granted to those who are going to study medicine this school year, 2009-2010 only. I will be graduating next year, and planning to proceed to medicine in any school in Metro Manila.

    I would just like to know if this scholarship is still given to aspiring medical students next year??

    Hoping for your response..

    Thank you and God bless.. :)

  11. Charles said...

    This is an ongoing program of the DOH and PCSO and I think the scholarship will cover the next few years. Try to contact the telephone numbers posted above for more information.

    Good Luck!

  12. Charles said...

    This is an ongoing program of the DOH and PCSO and I think the scholarship will cover the next few years. Try to contact the telephone numbers posted above for more information.

    Good Luck!

  13. Anonymous said...

    good day
    I am currently a medical student.. I want to know if the program accepts lateral entries. If it does, can students who have failed one subject before their application for the scholarship still be a candidate for the scholarship program?

  14. Jan said...

    i just graduated from college with the degree BS in environmental science. i'm planning to take medicine if ever i'll pass the NMAT and be able to avail a mecial scholarship. Please give me more info about the NMAT. How can I apply fro the exams? How much would it cost?...etc.tnx

  15. ken said...

    hello im a graduating bs bio student. i just wanted to ask if the 2 years per year service to the government as payback only applies if you work in a public hospital?if you work in a private hospital after med school will that be credited??

  16. Anonymous said...

    Greetings of Peace and Joy!
    I'm a 3rd year BA Psychology student at the University of the Philippines-Cebu. I just want to ask if I am still qualified after I graduate in this program given that my parents are neither Barangay Health Workers, government
    employees.Moreover, is this a first come first serve based scholarship?
    Looking forward to your positive response.

  17. momox said...

    the scholarship program given by the department of health has been stopped by our government. It is very frustrating to know coz I wanted to be a doctor eventhough that I am a registered nurse and been practicing my profession for 5 years.. Eventhoguh that I have a great opportunity waiting for me to our in other countries however my passion is to be a medical doctor. Hoopefully that you will bring back the scholarship that you imparted to the previous years that availed your good offer..

  18. charmaine joan acuzar ampo said...

    hmm.. Hi.. im charm..19 y.o i was searching of universities or any sites or foundation that could help me in finding scholarships because i really really do love to continue and finish studies..i was gone by here..i was so disappointed when i read this article.. first of all i was just high school graduate in Baguio..then second,i am just a self supporting parents passed away when i was just in first yr h.s.but anyway.. you do really have a good offer for the student that has all the potential on the said article....:)) that is so nice.. i wish i was one of them.. goodluck anyway.. God Bless and more power! :))

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